The Bible in a Year

It is an international best seller, the book which has been translated into more languages than any other, features the most iconic heroes and treacherous villains, out smarts all self help books and it is most probably collecting dust on one of your book shelves… The Bible.

As a Christian I read the Bible.
I listen to Bible readings in church each week and I know the story of the Good Samaritan pretty well! But is that enough? Is it enough for a Christian to know the ‘traditional’ stories?  The Bible isn’t a book of stories which we can listen to, it is a book of morals, messages and in some cases prophecies which need more time spent on them then just a read through.

In a secular world which increasingly devalues and fears religion where does The Bible stand?  I’d firstly like to dispel that word ‘religion.’ I don’t like the word or the connotations related to it. Although a Jew, I don’t believe Jesus to be ‘religious.’ He did not do what the religious leaders expected him to, he did not follow the so called religious traditions just to appease the powers that be and neither should we.

In this world so full of hatred and in my own opinion one which is in the end times of this system of things…why are people not reading The Bible and understanding it’s full potential?
Even as a Christian, with all my passion and beliefs I can not honestly say I have studied and read the entire Bible! Then how can I say I believe in the Bible if I had not heard it all?

Well that is about to change and I welcome you to come on this journey with me through the Bible. My challenge is to read it scripture by scripture and be completed by September 1st 2017!

I will post once a week on my findings, thoughts and unanswered questions and would love and welcome discussions from bloggers of all faiths and cultures to join me on this quest of discovery!